Working for innovātus

Hi there and thank you for your interest in working as part of the global innovātus team. We have two areas of recruitment at the moment:

Packaging Research: Right now we are always interested in finding people who are interested in identifying consumer packaging innovation at retail in their own country. We do have a large existing community of packaging specialists but the world is larger still!

You need to photograph the pack of interest as it is found on the retail shelf, buy it (maybe two examples) and build-up a collection of these packs to courier back to the UK. We have a global account with a major courier company and they will come and collect these boxes of samples at a time and place that suits you. At all times we try and make this research interesting, rewarding but not intrusive on your everyday life. Consumer packaging is interesting, you may get seduced by this aspect of research eventually but that journey should be enjoyable too.

We pay you by each packaging innovation item identified at an agreed fixed price and will transfer this money across directly to a bank of your choosing in the currency you request; we will cover any bank charges.

If you want to know more send me an email outlining your situation – employed, student, retired, your packaging experience, ability to be flexible and so on – and we can start a conversation or email exchange. Interested?

Sales and Promotion: innovātus is typically bought online but in some countries or regions where language maybe a barrier we are considering a local sales approach to larger companies involved in making or using packaging to build brands and products for retail sale. The role is very much part-time and would typically fit into an existing sales role. This may well evolve into promoting conference speaking occasions or press interviews. It all depends, every country and culture is different but basically we are wanting to develop the innovātus presence in some countries locally.

Next moves? Best to send me an email outlining your thinking and experience, understanding consumer packaging is important and that needs to be highlighted. Types of companies in the regions or country you operate in is helpful in understanding if there is a mutual benefit in moving forward on a commission role.

We are a people company, team work is a good way forward and we see innovātus as a family of smiley people enjoying the role they play. Always interested if you have comments or ideas about what we do or our website, if you had a moment to do that’s much appreciated.

Thank you for reading this.

With regards,

Andrew Streeter